Looking for an affordable, dependable and ecologically conscious arborist? Alstonville Tree Felling is the answer.

Tree Care

Our qualified Alstonville arborists have more than a decade's worth of experience in tree care. We provide deadwooding, crown thinning, palm clearing, pruning as well as the removal of overgrown, potentially dangerous branches. Environmental sustainability is at the heart of what we do. Rest assured, we conduct our tree care services with a view to ensuring healthier, safer trees. Our team will advise you on any council approvals regarding your trees, as well as assist with council applications.

Storm Damage

Alstonville Tree Felling is a family business, committed to keeping your family safe. Our team have the equipment to expertly remove branches that could prove to be dangerous in the event of a storm or cyclone. We will also clear away fallen branches and other foliage debris after a storm. The 16 cubic metre truck we have at our disposal allows us to remove all waste promptly, reducing your frustration and saving you money.

Land Clearing

We offer ecologically-conscious assistance with land clearing for subdivision and development projects. After an initial assessment, in which we ensure any damage to the surrounding environment is mitigated and that no threat is posed to native wildlife, we will safely remove vegetation present at the site. We will also advise you on council approvals, as well as provide all the assistance you need for council applications. The equipment our Alstonville land clearing professionals use allow us to address everything from narrow access areas to large rural acreages.

Landscaping Solutions

Our Alstonville landscapers have extensive experience providing services for private and public premises. We will spare no effort to incorporate all your preferences while adhering to your budget. For every landscaping project we undertake, we strive to maximise visual appeal while also ensuring the finished results are in harmony with the natural environment.

Stump Grinding

In addition to being an eyesore and an annoyance when mowing, stumps can harbour fungi and parasites that can have a negative effect on surrounding vegetation. As part of our holistic approach to tree care, we provide thorough stump grinding, covering the area where the stump once stood with soil-nourishing mulch.

Did you know we also provide

  • Firewood
  • Wood chipping
  • Mulch
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About Alstonville Tree Felling

Our family run company provides personalised services at excellent rates throughout NSW. We are passionate about supporting the local community with holistic, ecologically-conscious vegetation management. In addition to tree removal, we provide stump grinding, mulching, pruning, chipping, storm clean-ups and more. Gorgeous landscaping solutions are also offered by our team, and we are happy to provide our services to local schools and hospitals, as well as private clients. To discover how we can make your vegetated areas healthier, safer and more environmentally sustainable, contact us today.

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